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how to Get US Number for Whatsapp in Nigeria

How you can get US Number for Whatsapp in Nigeria
Get US Number for Whatsapp in Nigeria
WhatsApp is a chatting app with a country tier  generally accepted and used by individuals for different purposes. Some used it to catch fun while some use it  to carry out their business transactions and services. 

The usefulness depends on individuals purposes and because of that, some prefer to use the one that doesn't belongs to their country. 

Like I and others research on search engines, I found out that most people search queries is  how they can verify Whatsapp using US Number

Verifying WhatsApp with a US number in Nigeria is no longer an easy task. I Googled and discovered different methods to verify WhatsApp using USA number from Nigeria, but guess what? Non of the googled methods solve my problem, so I carry out different research on my own. 

And finally, I had the solution, yes, I even used it to verify my own WhatsApp to USA WhatsApp. If you are here because you want to do the same with your WhatsApp, I welcome you. Because today I will show you how to easily verify WhatsApp with USA number here Nigeria or in some other country.

Yes, you don't have to travel to get a US phone number for the verification. Just download an app called "Vyke" from AppStore or Google PlayStore. 

Now Let's start

How to Download a WhatsApp USA verification App.

  • Open the "AppStore" or "Google Play Store" 
  • Look for an app called "Vyke" 
  • Download to your mobile phone (iPhone / Android) 
  • Open the app and register with your local phone number. 
  • You will receive a confirmation text to activate the application. 
  • Enter the text as received and the application will activate. 

How to Get a US Phone Number to Verify WhatsApp 

  • Now that you've successfully downloaded the Vyke app, it's time to get your USA phone number WhatsApp verification. 
  • Open the downloaded "Vyke" app 
  • Your profile and details will be displayed 
  • Click "Add Number" Select country> country> city and select duration (one month) This is my own USA +1 6692087903 
  • After selecting what you want, click on "Purchase" 
It only costs $ 0.99. It is a N700 in Nigeria Naira.   The number you choose automatically belongs to you right after you buy it once a month. 

Steps to Verify WhatsApp with USA Number. 

  • Download the new WhatsApp from AppStore or PlayStore 
  • Or click "change number" from your previous number 
  • Open WhatsApp and input your USA number. 
  • WhatsApp will ask you if it is correct, click yes 
  • WhatsApp will connect you and send you a confirmation code 
  • Open the "Vyke" app and copy the code to your WhatsApp and click verify.   
Done. Your WhatsApp will verify with your USA number. 

Note: Remember to keep the Vyke application open when you verifying the WhatsApp, so that you can receive WhatsApp verification code instantly. 

I also verify my US PayPal account by this same method, it works well. I have not yet tested it for a Fiverr verification. You can try and give me your feedback via the comment section. Thank you

Disclaimer: please this post was made for educational purpose and to solve problem problem faced by people doing business(freelancers). It is not in anyway composed to increase the crime rate.

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Enjoy and have fun!

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